Around the World

Our Beginning

We craft our chocolates to express the terroir of where our cacao trees are grown. Right along the Northern part of Venezuela sitting alongside high altitudes facing the Caribbean Sea, creating the perfect balance of sunshine, shade, and sea breeze; we source from farmers growing the rarest varieties of cacao in this region. After careful drying and fermentation, our cacao beans are roasted and conched at a small facility near the plantation to best preserve the natural aromas and unique earthy, woody, and nutty tasting notes of the chocolate.

In Hong Kong, each piece of chocolate is handcrafted and made to order infused with ingredients from different corners of the world such that in one bite you can stroll down the Gardens of Versailles and enjoy the tropical sunshine of the Caribbean Sea. 


Our Founder 

Growing up in Venezuela, our founder Liliana Chan was blessed with the purest Criollo cacao beans and believed the kitchen was the only place that spoke to all five senses. After living in four continents over three decades, she brings together flavors from each corner of the world to create a new era of culinary heights. A purist at heart, she carefully chooses each ingredient and with a minimalist approach showcases the unique profile of each element, creating a concerto of aromas.