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Our Founder 

Growing up in Venezuela, our founder Liliana Chan was blessed with the purest and rarest Criollo cacao beans and believed the kitchen was the only place that spoke to all five senses. After living in four continents over three decades, she brings together flavors from each corner of the world to create a concerto of aromas. A purist at heart, she carefully chooses each ingredient and with a minimalist approach showcases the unique profile of each element in chocolates with evolving aromas.

With a Stanford University B.A. and thesis about food impact on health, she researched the body's need to have the right balance of all macronutrients and a balanced diet to create the best anti-aging health plan. From concerns caused by stress-related hormones to the quest for a long-term sustainable meal plan for weight control, our founder crafts each recipe to empower the modern female.

With a Patisserie Diplome from Le Cordon Bleu Paris, experience from working at 2 Michelin Star Restaurant Senderens, and having created a multi-store modern tea chain from concept to expansion in China; our founder has always wanted to achieve balance between health, taste, and innovation in the F&B space for the modern Asian palate.

"Having called four continents my home, food is where my memories live, flavor is where my love lies, and freshness is what my soul searches for."