Our craftsmanship

When wine or whisky are stored in an oak barrel, it extracts aromas from the wood and draws them into the alcohol. When aging chocolate with other aromatic foods, a similar magic unfolds. 

Chocolate has an interesting advantage in extracting flavor and aroma from its surroundings, as a result of the cacao butter that is naturally present in chocolate. One of the interesting qualities of cacao butter is its remarkable ability to quickly absorb other aromas.

We craft our chocolates using this aging and infusion method with ingredients from around the world, such as Anxi Tie Guan Yin tea, French rosebuds, Italian truffles. In each case, the cacao butter extracts these pleasing aromas from the aging vessel or aromatic medium, and the flavor of the chocolate is accordingly transformed.

The value of this aging approach, as opposed to merely adding flavorings or chemical compounds at the point of production, is the subtlety and elegance of the aromas that are achieved in our chocolates.