Whisky vs Rum Pairing

The beauty of pairing chocolate with whisky or rum is that it expands the range of sensations that you can experience as the aromas of one start to contrast or balance those of the other, just like the composer creating a new concerto with a range of musical notes. 

We recommend pairing Envoy Chocolate with a single malt whisky aged in sherry casks (i.e. Aberlour, Macallan) usually works beautifully, owing to the nutty sweetness that the sherry casks impart on the whisky, which finds common ground with the woody and nutty notes in our Venezuelan cacao beans and floral notes in our Ecuadorian beans.

Another perfect marriage is pairing rum with chocolate. Venezuelan rum, or ron de Venezuela, is actually one of only two rums in the world that has a denomination of origin classification (the other being rum from Martinique). Diplomatico’s flagship rum, made almost entirely from sugar cane honey, is a complex dark rum that is brilliant for sipping, with a lovely bouquet of aromas ranging from cinnamon, caramel, walnuts, to raisins.